mission statement

Create the smoothest, most efficient debt process for borrowers, lenders and advisors in the lower middle markets through transparent competition that leverages technology

our culture

operating principles

  1. Live the hustle
  2. Radical candor
  3. Speed > perfection
  4. The market doesn’t care about your excuses. The market only cares about building an amazing company
  5. Consistency & Intensity are achievable
  6. Discipline = freedom
  7. Deliver more value than you receive
  8. Accountability matters
  9. We are a professional sports team, not a family
  10. Naps are necessary - recharge the batteries


Our Team


Jordan Selleck

CEO & Founder

Jordan spent six years in cross-border investment banking advising global corporates and private equity firms on M&A deals up to $250 million. From pig farms to printers, and car components to cardboard boxes, Jordan worked on deals in a wide array of industries.

Jordan has also advised startups and SMBs in MMA apparel, nutritional supplements, real estate technology, content marketing, daycares and dentistry.

Jordan was born in San Diego, grew up in North Carolina and attended UNC-Chapel Hill. He has traveled to 32 countries, lived in China for 18 months, trains Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, is a private pilot, SCUBA dives and speaks Mandarin Chinese.




Before joining DebtMaven, Dan spent 14 years as a Navy SEAL where he managed cross-functional teams in hostile environments and multi-million dollar budgets. He is married with a 1-year old daughter and is a cancer survivor.

Dan was born outside of Philadelphia, joined the Navy after high school, and lived in Virginia Beach, VA for the majority of his navy career.



Our advisors selflessly give their time and lend their wisdom to us. Without them we certainly would have needed to raise more money.


Tim Ng

Industry Advisor

Jeff Schwab

Technology Advisor


Keith Collins

Industry Advisor


DebtMaven works with an organization called Elite Meet ( which helps special forces personnel and fighter pilots transition careers into the civilian world. Elite Meet’s Veterans in Residence program places high-performing, transitioning veterans (e.g., SEALs, Green Berets, fighter pilots) into companies for a couple of months in order to give the veteran exposure to the business world. It’s a basically no-obligation internship. These veterans, many of whom have commanded others in battle and been through our military’s most intense screening processes are instrumental to our success.

RG - 0022 DM.jpg


Ryan Gonsales | U.S. Navy - Special Warfare


steve grewell | U.S. Army - Special Forces


All of our interns are aspiring finance professionals. They are all motivated, results driven young professionals, and have made invaluable contributions to our team. If you are looking to hire, we will gladly provide references!


Shi (james) Jin 

MS Finance Candidate, Simon Business School | CFA Level 2 Candidate