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Jordan Selleck

Jordan spent six years in cross-border investment banking advising global corporates and private equity firms on M&A deals up to $250 million. From pig farms to printers, and car components to cardboard boxes, Jordan worked on deals in a wide array of industries.

Jordan has also advised startups and SMBs in MMA apparel, nutritional supplements, real estate technology, content marketing, daycares and dentistry.

Jordan was born in San Diego, grew up in North Carolina and attended UNC-Chapel Hill. He has traveled to 32 countries, lived in China for 18 months, trains Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, is a private pilot, SCUBA dives and speaks Mandarin Chinese.


Austin Professional Photo.jpg

Austin Hulbert

Austin has worked with Goldman Sachs in Investment Management and at Afterburner Consulting as an Executive Consultant, where he helped organizations to improve performance though effective implementation of debriefing and planning into the company culture. 

Prior to joining DebtMaven, Austin spent ten and a half years in the U.S. Navy flying the F/A-18 Hornet and Super Hornet fighter jet off carriers. He deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan in 2011 and 2015 fighting Al Qaeda and ISIS. Austin left active duty service and currently serves part time in the Naval Reserve forces. 

Austin was born in San Diego and later moved to Memphis, TN. He graduated with merit from the U.S. Naval Academy in 2005 with a B.S. in Political Science. While at the Naval Academy, he attended the elite U.S. Navy Dive School, becoming a Navy Diver in 2004. Austin earned his M.A. in Security Studies in 2006 from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and his M.B.A. in 2017 from Harvard Business School.




Ella Selleck

Ella is our show pony. Often accompanying Jordan and Austin to conferences, she brings in more business than Austin on any given day.



DebtMaven works with an organization called Elite Meet ( which helps special forces personnel and fighter pilots transition careers into the civilian world. Elite Meet’s Veterans in Residence program places high-performing, transitioning veterans (e.g., SEALs, Green Berets, fighter pilots) into companies for a couple of months in order to give the veteran exposure to the business world. It’s a basically no-obligation internship. These veterans, many of whom have commanded others in battle and been through our military’s most intense screening processes are instrumental to our success.

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Dustin Brooks

U.S. Navy - Special Warfare 

Dustin is from Eastern Tennessee and is a current Finance student at Penn State University - December 2018 expected

Prior to attending college, Dustin enlisted in the Navy and entered SEAL training. Upon completion of training he was assigned to an East Coast SEAL Team and continued service there until his departure from the Navy in 2014. During his tenure at the SEAL Team, he deployed twice to the Middle East, executed multinational training events, travelled the world, and expressed a strong sense of team-ability, leadership, and communication. 

Post military service, Dustin has been a full-time student and has gone on to expand his professional experience in a variety of leadership roles as both a contracted military instructor and mentor to over 400 Navy SEAL candidates during their most arduous training regimen. The body of work for this position includes the teaching and development of skillsets such as small unit tactics, safety, risk assessment, and risk management. More importantly, this position is integral to the development of future SEAL operators by demonstrating the effects that tactical decision-making can have on the organization’s strategic objectives and ultimately teaching them how to approach a wide range of problems in austere conditions and make timely and accurate decisions while maintaining a strategic perspective.


Chris Brantley

U.S. Army - Special Forces

Management and finance professional. Former Army Captain qualified as a Ranger and Green Beret. I have extensive experience solving difficult problems in the most challenging environments. I enjoy developing solutions and creating great organizations. I currently work in corporate finance helping to position my firm to maintain its market leading position.

tom booth.png

tom booth

U.S. Navy - Fighter Pilot and Joint Special Operations 

Upon graduating from Virginia Tech, Thomas was commissioned as a Naval Aviator and spent over five years in the aviation community, culminating with carrier operations in the F/A-18 Hornet. Following aviation he was selected to support Navy Special Warfare's most elite unit in an operations and logistics role, which led to follow on tours supporting government agencies navigate hostile and denied areas in support of clandestine missions. 

During his final year on active duty, due to his extensive and varied operations experience, Thomas was selected as the first Chief Operations Officer of an offensive military cyber operations team. This team was the initial round of United States Cyber Command's launch of an eventual 6,000 person Cyber Mission Force. 

Following completion of his MBA from the University of Maryland in 2016, Thomas was subsequently recalled to active duty to support Joint Special Operations Command in an operations and applied technology role, and currently lives in Raleigh, NC working with North Carolina State University's Laboratory for Analytic Sciences. Thomas also continues to serve part time in the Naval Reserve Forces, and spends as much time sailing and free diving as possible. 


Tom Miller_Picture.jpg

Tom Miller

U.S. Army- Special Forces

After graduating from the United States Military Academy at West Point, Tom served on active duty for twelve years and reached the rank of Major. He was initially an Infantry Officer assigned to the Army’s 10th Mountain Division, where he led a platoon in Southwestern Baghdad during the height of Iraq war and later commanded an Infantry Reconnaissance company.  He subsequently tried out for and was selected to attend the U.S. Army Special Forces Qualification course.  After completing two years of training he was assigned to the First Special Forces Group as a Detachment Commander.  He led a team of Green Berets on multiple deployments to the Southern Philippines. While still a detachment commander, he was selected for a competitive assignment as the Aide de Camp for the Commanding General of the Army’s Special Operations Aviation Command.

In addition to his military experience, Tom has three years of experience as an associate at Heidrick and Struggles, a retained executive search firm.

Tom is currently a grad student at New York University’s Wagner school of Public Service where he is studying Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing. 


Ray Jobi

U.S. Navy – Special Warfare

Ray is from South Florida primarily and spent a great deal of his youth in Germany. He is the first American in his family and is currently stationed in San Diego and serving overseas. He plans to transition his wife and two boys to Tampa Bay this summer.

He his wrapping up 11 years of Active Duty service with over 4 years culminated internationally. Serving in Europe, the Middle east, Africa, and Asia, Ray has a wealth of international experience. As an enlisted leader, he has been able to gain an understanding from the operational level up towards the Strategic level and has transcended organizational levels to build consensus on a consistent basis. During his tenure in Europe under the Special Operations Command, he budgeted, planned, and executed over 20 military projects furthering U.S. Initiatives of Global importance. This experience further developed his skills in project management, negotiation, diplomacy, and creative problem solving.

After recently completing his B.S. in Organizational Leadership through the University of Charleston, he has set his sights on a PMP certification and a Real Estate license while still on Active Duty. He looks to pursue his MBA after gaining some experience in the Commercial Real Estate / Finance sector in Tampa Bay. 

RG - 0022 DM.jpg

Ryan Gonsales

U.S. Navy - Special Warfare

Upon graduating from college, Ryan served in the navy at the special boat teams as a Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman (SWCC). Deploying to a varying range of theaters, he gained great experience leading cross-functional teams.

He transitioned from military service to the private sector as primary strategist in the successful launch of a new construction business. Subsequently, he moved to large publicly traded organizations, working for a consumer package goods company, as well as a generic pharmaceutical corporation in operations-based roles.

Ryan is highly interested in gaining more exposure to deal structuring for middle market companies – Industries of interest: industrials, consumer, food & retail, healthcare, and energy.

He is currently completing his MBA at Columbia Business School, with a heavy focus on course work in the areas of Decision, Risk and Operations, as well as Finance. He holds a BA in Communication from the University of Pittsburgh, graduating as a four-year letterman in football.


All of our interns are aspiring finance professionals. They are all great workers, and have made invaluable contributions to our team. If you are looking to hire, we will gladly provide references!


Brencis Navia

JD Candidate, Rutgers Law School '18

Brencis is from Summit, NJ and graduated from Gettysburg College in 2013. Prior to attending law school, he interned for WilmerHale in Boston, MA. After graduation, he worked for a short time as a Regional Consultant at Lord Abbett in Jersey City NJ, an asset management firm. Brencis spent his 1L summer at the Securities & Exchange Commission in Washington, DC working in both the SEC's Trading & Markets and Corporation Finance Division. Brencis then interned for both Novartis Pharmaceuticals in East Hanover, NJ and the Federal Bankruptcy Court For the District of New Jersey with the Honorable Rosemary Gambardella. 

At Rutgers, Brencis is part of ALALS, the Association of Latin American Law Students, is the President of the Corporate Law Society, served on the Student Body Association as a 1L and 2L representative, and served on the school's budget committee both his 1L and 2L year. Brencis was also part of the school's Entrepreneurship Clinic where he and his classmates advised startups on legal matters such as entity formation, securities offerings, nondisclosure agreements, and other transactional related matters important for growing a business.


Skanda Sandeep

MS Finance Candidate, University of Rochester '18

Skanda is currently a Master in Finance Candidate specializing in Investment Banking and Valuations. He is board representative of the Simon Finance and Investment Club that is mandated to invest a part of the Business School's $87 million endowment fund.

Prior to Debtmaven, Skanda worked, Dubai and India, as part of Mashreq Bank's leadership development program where he donned responsibilities including Financial Analysis & Control, Project Management and Stakeholder Management.

Born in Bangalore, India, Skanda is conversant in three languages. In 2015, he graduated from PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore, with a Major in Mechanical Engineering and Minored in Economics. Skanda played Minor league basketball and was Captain of his Varsity Basketball team. 


karen gao

MS Enterprise Risk Management, Columbia University '18

Prior to Debtmaven, Karen worked in one of the top 3 securities in China and also worked in a local company in Australia for three months. She owned her own business and made over $5,000 in half a month. When she had the exchange study in Australia, she got the Dean’s letter and recommendation letters from her finance professor. She also won the National Prize in her bachelor's cohort for the research study about the financial institutions in Chinese rural areas.

Our Story

April 2017

Angel funding is secured by DebtMaven from a small group of investors

July 2017

Austin joined DebtMaven, growing the company to three in preparation for the product launch and an aggressive expansion plan

August 2017

The DebtMaven website went live, and our first deal was posted

april 2018

over $300M of deals on platform since 2017

How we operate

mission statement

The mission of DebtMaven is to create the smoothest, most efficient debt process in the core and lower middle markets

We will accomplish this by providing middle market borrowers with access to lenders around the country by using technology to overcome the barriers (such as geographic proximity) that prevent borrowers from gaining exposure to the nation’s lending institutions


"Make debt financings easy using technology"

our culture

operating principles

  1. Live the hustle
  2. Radical candor
  3. Speed > perfection
  4. The market doesn’t care about your excuses. The market only cares about building an amazing company
  5. Consistency & Intensity are achievable
  6. Discipline = freedom
  7. Deliver more value than you receive
  8. Accountability matters
  9. We are a professional sports team, not a family
  10. Naps are necessary - recharge the batteries